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CMG encouraged by Trudeau government’s vision for CBC - The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is encouraged by Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly’s recognition of the foundational and central role of CBC/Radio-Canada in the country’s media and cultural system. In her announcement today, the minister acknowledged that, “Never before has a public broadcaster been so needed, so vital, to so many.” She committed to “strengthen[ing] the mandate of our public broadcaster ” and noted that, “The CBC carries a huge public responsibility. Canadians’ expectations for it are fiercely high. They ought to be.” CMG, CWA Canada’s largest Local, which represents thousands of employees at the CBC as well as at APTN, welcomes this commitment to strengthen and rebuild the national public broadcaster. With regard to the announced mandate review, we will be following developments closely and look forward to participating. For this review to be meaningful, a broad range of stakeholders and supporters of CBC/Radio-Canada need to be engaged and involved. When it comes to reopening the Broadcasting Act, our union believes key components of the Act need to be secured, including those pertaining to the special role of CBC/Radio‐Canada; the protection CBC/Radio‐Canada’s independence; support for Canadian content; mandatory carriage of Indigenous and community media; the value of local news as a [...]
CBC poster How the CBC Can Save News in Canada - 2017.08.29 PETER MENZIES | Troy Media Sometime in the not-too-distant future, the nation’s largest media chain is expected to fail, taking many of the nation’s once proud but now emaciated major daily newspapers to the grave with it. Postmedia and others have already issued appeals to the federal government, just as television broadcasters have, with more success, lobbied the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for relief for close to a decade now. The debate over whether their demise is suicide by incompetence or murder by technology no longer matters. And while some, such as columnist Andrew Coyne, still insist that journalists should never be compromised by the subtle fealty induced by government subsidy, principles are unlikely to survive the industry’s poverty. There is a strong argument — one reinforced by the problematic nature of Postmedia’s structure — in favour of letting nature take its course. But governments don’t do that when you’re too big to fail. So if something is to be done, here’s the solution. Read the whole story at The Tyee
CBS streaming is coming to Canada, potentially upending local broadcasters - 2017.08.08 DANIEL TENCER | HuffPost Canada As of next year, Canadians will be able to stream CBS TV shows directly from the internet, the start of a trend one expert says could completely upend Canadian TV broadcasters. CBS announced Monday that its streaming service, CBS All Access, is expanding internationally, starting with Canada in the first half of 2018. “CBS All Access is growing faster than we anticipated domestically, and now represents a whole new opportunity internationally as well,” CBS Corp. chairperson and CEO Leslie Moonves said in a statement. Launched in 2014, CBS All Access is a Netflix-like “over-the-top” streaming service that offers a catalogue of new and old CBS TV shows, as well as some original programming. The network is slated to air the new “Star Trek: Discovery,” currently in production. (That show will be available on Bell Media’s Space Channel in Canada.) Read the whole story at HuffPost Canada
Where are all the Canadian reality TV shows going? -   LISE LAREAU | Canadian Media Guild Bit by bit, reality and factual TV shows are disappearing for the upcoming season.  It appears to be happening quietly – even by stealth.   At least seven reality/unscripted TV shows have been either cancelled or put on ‘indefinite hiatus’ in the past two months.  More announcements are expected. The cancelled or ‘suspended’ shows include Big Brother Canada, Chopped Canada, You Gotta Eat Here, Timber Kings, Leave It to Bryan, and Income Property.   They are created by a variety of independent production companies and they all have one thing in common:  the shows were aired on channels owned by Corus. Corus defends its scheduling changes and cancellations, saying in a written response that shows “have reached their natural end after several seasons.” Lisa Godfrey, the VP of original content at Corus, writes that “in the case of Big Brother Canada and Real Housewives of Toronto, these series have not been cancelled, they are simply not on the schedule this coming broadcast year.” Godfrey notes a number of new series in production including The Baker Sisters, Bud Dynasty, Hunting Nazi Treasures (a co-pro with Britain’s channel 4), and Worst to First, a renovation show based [...]
Media unions, allies welcome CBC governance reform - Many years of advocating for a CBC board of directors that’s free of partisan political appointments has paid off for CWA Canada’s largest Local, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) and its allies. Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announced today the creation of an independent advisory committee, whose members are experts drawn from the media industry, to provide a list of qualified candidates the government can consider to fill vacant positions. The CMG, which represents most English-language staff at the public broadcaster, commended Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for keeping his election promise to ensure that the board and president will be chosen independently. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting have run numerous campaigns aimed at preserving the CBC, increasing its funding and getting politics out of its governance. Friends has occasionally joined forces with the CMG and other unions or advocacy groups to bring about changes at the CBC. CMG noted in a statement that it has “also called for a board that includes employee representatives chosen by CBC’s unions. Ensuring employee representation on boards is a practice that has proven invaluable in other sectors and other countries. “As journalists and media workers, we have a good sense of what is required to do [...]

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