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Factual TV workers Otto Chung and Denise O'Connell Cineflix workers to get $2.5M in deal negotiated by unions - Hundreds of current and former workers at factual TV company Cineflix will share $2.5 million in a deal to settle a class action negotiated by two of Canada’s top media and entertainment unions. The news follows three years of negotiations between the company, law firm Cavalluzzo LLP, and unions CWA Canada and IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees). The suit was brought by Cavalluzzo in 2018 on behalf of the workers for years of unpaid overtime, vacation pay, and holiday premiums. Cineflix, one of Canada’s biggest factual TV companies, produces shows such as Property Brothers and Mayday. Cineflix had a choice between paying $2.5 million or paying $1 million and signing a collective agreement with the unions. The company informed Cavalluzzo last week that it had chosen the first option and the money has been placed in trust to pay workers. The settlement does not prevent Cineflix workers from forming a union and negotiating a collective agreement. The draft collective agreement with Cineflix would have meant a slew of improvements, including to wages, benefits, and work hours. Anna Bourque, who was the representative plaintiff in the class action, said the settlement is a win-win for workers. “I think it [...]
Online hate is damaging journalists, democracy: report - The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) have released Poisoned Well, the troubling findings of an industry roundtable on journalists and online hate.  “Freedom of the press is integral to a healthy democracy,” says Natalie Turvey, CJF President and Executive Director. “The online abuse suffered by too many journalists today goes well beyond critical discourse and, in many cases, harms their safety and well-being in the workplace. This report is a call to action to our industry, government officials and the broader Canadian public.”  The CAJ and Carleton University held the roundtable on Oct. 21 in response to repeated instances of Canadian journalists, particularly women and racialized media, being targeted with online hate and harassment. Freedom to Report As the so-called truckers’ convoy drags on and disrupts, journalists and crews are once again being subjected to abusive treatment by those who now feel emboldened and entitled  to break free of the restrictive measures which have ensnared all of us for the past two years.  Commentary by Kim Trynacity, CBC Branch President, Canadian Media Guild (CWA Canada Local 30213) Commissioned by the CJF, the report shares the findings of that roundtable with the broader public. The four-hour [...]
Canadaland staff Canadaland Union’s 1st contract contains editorial safeguards, wage gains - Staff at Canadaland have voted unanimously to ratify a first collective agreement that contains financial gains and protections for editorial integrity and independence. The 10 employees of the podcast / news organization received a $500 signing bonus and wage increase of 2.5 per cent upon ratification, as well as in each of the next three years of the contract. When the workers sought unionization with CWA Canada and won certification from the Canada Industrial Relations Board in July 2020, they said their goal was to “benefit from clear policies setting out organizational structure, editorial vision, and concrete measures for achieving greater diversity in our workplace and programming.” The group, which includes reporters, editors, producers and program hosts, brought more than monetary issues to the table when bargaining began a year ago. The Canadaland Union describes the following as highlights of the collective agreement: extensive language safeguarding editorial integrity and independence;establishment of a joint committee to draft an editorial standards document that will provide guidance for Canadaland’s editorial work;should the company sell rights to create a new work based on something produced by staff (such as a TV adaptation of a podcast), current and former bargaining unit members who significantly contributed [...]
Allan Thompson, journalism professor Players in news industry join up to tackle onslaught of online hate - DEBORAH RICHMOND | Web Editor Representatives from every corner of the news industry are coming together to call for action and to develop a strategy to thwart a tsunami of hate targeting Canadian journalists, especially women and people of colour. CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon said the media union is working with journalism groups, the labour movement, academics and employers to put a stop to the vile sexist and racist comments and threats delivered via social media, email, voicemail and internet forums. “This is illegal. It is harassment and hate, and it must not be tolerated,” O’Hanlon said in a statement issued Oct. 5. “As a union that represents 6,000 media workers, we call on law enforcement to urgently investigate these incidents and prosecute those responsible.” CWA Canada was also a signatory to a statement issued by media outlets across the country and organizations that represent journalists: “A strong, diverse media is vital for a well-informed, democratic society. While criticism is an integral part of journalism and democracy, there can be no tolerance for hate and harassment of journalists or for incitement of attacks on journalists doing their jobs. “We are united in supporting our journalists and newsrooms against those [...]
Dave Seglins ‘Taking Care’ survey urgently seeks input from media workers on trauma, mental health - DAVE SEGLINSFor CWA Canada Racing to the frontlines to report the news of the world’s great triumphs, tragedies and scandals is what makes journalism so thrilling — from conflict zones, to the house fire down the street. But the job can also come at a personal cost to the well-being and mental health of media workers: our videographers, reporters, editors and staff who day in and day out endure a steady diet of other people’s trauma, amidst endless deadlines, filing pressures, shift work … not to mention job instability. I know. After 25 years I carry vivid memories and scars from the stresses and stories I’ve covered detailing murder, sexual violence, crimes against children, and endless tales of victims’ suffering. I am very proud to announce the launch today of an industry-wide initiative called “Taking Care: A Survey on Mental Health, Well-being and Trauma in Canadian Journalism.” Please, take this rare opportunity to be counted. Add your voice. Share your experience. The survey will collect responses through the month of November. This survey is a first-of-its-kind research project in Canada that is seeking anonymous input from thousands of media workers across the country. The objective is to get a better [...]

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