Radio, television and internet broadcasting is a critical element of Canadian culture and a key player in the country’s news industry.

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Media unions, allies welcome CBC governance reform - Many years of advocating for a CBC board of directors that’s free of partisan political appointments has paid off for CWA Canada’s largest Local, the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) and its allies. Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announced today the creation of an independent advisory committee, whose members are experts drawn from the media industry, to provide a list of qualified candidates the government can consider to fill vacant positions. The CMG, which represents most English-language staff at the public broadcaster, commended Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for keeping his election promise to ensure that the board and president will be chosen independently. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting have run numerous campaigns aimed at preserving the CBC, increasing its funding and getting politics out of its governance. Friends has occasionally joined forces with the CMG and other unions or advocacy groups to bring about changes at the CBC. CMG noted in a statement that it has “also called for a board that includes employee representatives chosen by CBC’s unions. Ensuring employee representation on boards is a practice that has proven invaluable in other sectors and other countries. “As journalists and media workers, we have a good sense of what is required to do [...]
Changing Workplaces Review Ontario could end labour law limbo for factual TV workers -   LISE LAREAU | Canadian Media Guild The signals are good.  Early reports indicate that the Ontario government’s Changing Workplaces Review will not be a waste of time and is poised to make change for thousands of precarious workers, including those who work in factual/reality TV and video production. The CBC is reporting that the review is now in the hands of the Wynne cabinet. Among the changes it will recommend are: Paid sick days for all employees; Ending some of the exemptions (loopholes) under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (no word yet if this will include the exemption given the entire film and television industry); Changing the classification of “independent contractors” to ensure that they get some protection by labour laws. The independent contractor classification has kept many workers in our industry, and others, unjustly excluded from legal protections, including paid overtime, holidays, robust safety rules and the right to unionize.  It’s the no-obligation, no-rules approach to employment. Last month, we saw just how alluring it is for producers to use the independent-contractor loophole against their own people. Blue Ant Media (producers of Cottage Life TV and several nature and wildlife programs) suddenly announced on April 27 that it was [...]
Merged Corus-Shaw workers vote to join Media Guild - There’s great news out of Corus Entertainment where a majority of 49 employees in three departments have chosen to join the Canadian Media Guild / CWA Canada. The Canada Industrial Relations Board today confirmed the result of voting that took place last week. The board had decided to conduct the vote in the wake of non-unionized Corus buying Shaw Media and the merger of the two workforces in the fall. Workers at Shaw were already members of the CMG. The employees, 17 of them formerly with Shaw, who work in television master control, broadcast technology and INR at Corus’s Toronto headquarters, will form a new bargaining unit. Kamala Rao, president of CMG, welcomed the new members and congratulated them for their “hard work and courage in organizing to collectively improve their working conditions and to have a greater say in their workplace.” She assured them that “our union will be positive both for workers and for Corus Entertainment, one of the country’s leading media companies.” Related 2017.02.01 | Setting the record straight at Corus Facebook | CMG @ Corus CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon congratulated the members and the CMG. “This is about workers having a say in their workplace [...]
Broadcasting - Radio, television and internet broadcasting is a critical element of Canadian culture and a key player in the country's news industry.

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