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Canadian newspapers might be in decline, but they are still the largest source of journalism in this country.

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Webinar assists in jump from journalism - It’s no secret that the number of places to practise journalism has been on the decline for years. Whether it’s newsroom numbers withering due to media owners’ cost cuts and pandemic-related layoffs or freelancers facing copyright-grabbing contracts, it’s not an easy profession in which to make a living. But journalism skills are eminently transferable to a number of different communications fields. The Canadian Freelance Guild (CFG), which is affiliated with CWA Canada, has assembled a panel of former journalists who have gone on to new careers. They will discuss, during a Zoom webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 7-8:30 p.m. ET, how they made the leap and how others can do it, too. (The Life After Journalism webinar is free for members of CFG, as well as CBC freelancers who are represented by the Canadian Media Guild. The cost is $15 for ‘Friends of CFG’, which includes CWA Canada members, and $25 for the general public.) The panel is to be moderated by Karen Tankard, a former CBC reporter who now makes her living as a digital campaigner, communications professional and educator. She founded the Canadian versions of Life After Journalism groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Panelists include: Lesley Pritchard is [...]
Locals’ campaigns emphasize importance of journalists, local news -   Two CWA Canada Locals had a message they needed to get out to their communities struggling with a public health crisis so they turned to advertising to do just that. The Ottawa Newspaper Guild, which represents workers at The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun and CTV Ottawa, devised a campaign that would emphasize the importance of local news and the journalists who deliver it. “These are unprecedented and difficult times for journalists like us and we wanted to let the community know that we … are doing our best to bring them the news they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud of the work we do,” the ONG said in a message to members. The campaign kicked off at the end of May with full-page ads in the two newspapers. That was followed by smaller ads placed on the papers’ websites. A TV spot, featuring video clips of journalists from the three news organizations, aired for two weeks on CTV Ottawa. The ONG took its inspiration from Local 30400, the Media and Communications Workers of Alberta. It had earlier placed ‘Local News Matters’ print ads in the two newspapers — the Red Deer Advocate and Medicine Hat News — [...]
Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault Heritage minister tells media union leaders he’s committed to helping news industry - Two media union leaders received assurances today from Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault that he will do what he can to help the news industry weather a financial crisis worsened by the pandemic. CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon and Kim Trynacity, president of the CBC branch of the union’s largest Local, the Canadian Media Guild, laid out the case for urgent funding for news companies and special help for the public broadcaster in a 40-minute Zoom meeting. “It was a pleasure speaking with Minister Guilbeault. He fully understands the crisis facing the news industry and has committed to doing all he can to help,” O’Hanlon said. “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with the minister, to seeing funds begin to flow to news companies this summer, action to address precarious workers and greater diversity at the CBC, and legislation to make Facebook and Google share advertising revenue with Canadian content providers.” O’Hanlon said Guilbeault was asked to speed up access to the $595-million journalism support fund because “we desperately need money to begin flowing to news companies this summer to avert more layoffs and cost-cutting.” O’Hanlon said he also told the minister “we need specific, quick help for The Canadian Press, especially during the pandemic, given its [...]
CWA Canada: Blaming unions for Postmedia job cuts ‘dishonest’ - Postmedia CEO Andrew MacLeod was “being misleading at best” when he blamed unions for the latest round of staff cuts, CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon says. In a memo to staff today, MacLeod said the company is going to cut 40 positions from its unionized ranks after CWA Canada and Unifor rejected a management proposal that workers earning over $60,000 a year take a temporary five-per-cent salary reduction. “Unfortunately … we were unable to find mutually agreeable common ground on alternative cost reduction measures,” MacLeod wrote. But O’Hanlon disputed MacLeod’s claims: “The company never really tried to negotiate with us in good faith. They presented the wage cut as the only option and they ignored our offer to buy ads to help support the company. We might also have been able to work out a job-saving arrangement like some of our Locals did.” The temporary wage cut would have saved about $100,000 from the CWA Canada members who earn over $60,000 at nine Postmedia newspapers. “We offered instead to buy $100,000 in ads in return for a two-year, no-layoff guarantee,” O’Hanlon said. “They never even had the decency to respond. So to try to blame the union is pretty disingenuous.” [...]
CWA Canada, IFJ urge Trudeau to make tech giants share ad revenue - CWA Canada and the world’s largest journalist organization are appealing directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make tech giants such as Facebook and Google share advertising revenues with news outlets in this country. Martin O’Hanlon, writing on the behalf of both the media union he leads and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), says in a letter sent today that the two companies “control over 80 per cent of Canada’s $6-billion online advertising market, yet they pay no taxes and they pay nothing for the content they use.” “For far too long, they have been earning money by linking to stories from Canadian news companies without compensation. It is simply not fair. They should be paying for copyrighted content.” What’s even more troubling, writes O’Hanlon, is the fact that “as these companies have raked in tens of billions of dollars over the years, thousands of Canadian media workers have been laid off and hundreds of Canadian publications have closed. It’s bad for journalism, bad for communities, and bad for our democracy.” “We call on your government to follow the lead of Australia and France, which are set to make digital companies pay for content use,” says the letter. The [...]

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