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Canadian newspapers might be in decline, but they are still the largest source of journalism in this country.

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4 of 5 federal parties commit to support news media, increase CBC funding - Four of the five parties in the federal election support a strong and stable media, with increased funding for the public broadcaster. A vague response by one national party, however, raises concerns about the future of CBC/Radio-Canada and the nationwide services it currently provides. In their answers to questions from the Canadian Media Guild (CWA Canada Local 30213), the NDP, the Liberals, the Bloc Québécois and the Green Party committed to improved funding for the CBC. The parties base their support on the unique role the national broadcaster has in Canada. The four also acknowledge the importance of supporting local news at a time when the media industry is in crisis, with each agreeing to extend some kind of temporary support for the industry, much like the 2019 federal government program. Only the Conservative Party of Canada differs on these points.  While the party did not answer questions directly, it did provide the portion of its platform dealing with media, culture and broadcasting. It describes breaking up the CBC, with decreased support for some areas and increased support for others. In essence, the Conservatives’ proposals amount to cutting English-language television while focusing support on French-language services, especially in Quebec. “It is disappointing [...]
Remote work brings privacy issues closer to home - NADINE ROBINSON It’s a normal day for Employee X. They message a source on a work laptop through their personal social media account (because there is no work account) and step away to use the washroom without logging out. The fluorescent tube lighting flickers and glints off a newly installed surveillance camera in the shared bullpen. There are rumours of bossware on company devices, that can turn on a camera and microphone without warning, and can track all activity on the device, and nearby devices. The protagonist goes home and logs into the VPN from their personal laptop to finish a couple of work emails. Subsequently, Employee X is fired for things that they had said and written. Devastated and confused, X grabs their personal phone to message a colleague to try and understand the extent of what the employer knows and how they know it. Their phone has been wiped; everything is gone, even the video of their baby’s first steps. X feels violated. Will they have to go to extreme measures to get their job and their digital life back? What about their privacy and their freedom? It may sound like a pitch for a new episode of [...]
Striving for a world in which we don’t need International Women’s Day - CWA Canada commissioned the following opinion piece to mark International Women’s Day 2021 on March 8. SHARI GRAYDON I’d like to abolish International Women’s Day. Never mind the many opportunities it’s given me to command space on op-ed pages for issues I know and care about; I’m striving for a world in which everybody agrees that IWD is no longer necessary. In the meantime, designating a single 24-hour period to focus on the concerns and realities of fully half the population of the planet is about as insulting as making space for the voices of Black people only one month of the year. But as media workers, you can help address both these issues. Since 2010, the non-profit Informed Opinions has been working to amplify women’s voices in Canadian news media. Because for decades men’s perspectives have outnumbered women’s by a ratio of sometimes four or five to one. That’s a problem in a society that thinks of itself as a beacon of democracy. Representation is as fundamental to democratic decision-making as are free and open news media. It’s true that as long as men continue to dominate politics, business and sport, and news is significantly shaped by the pronouncements [...]
Alliance of media unions issues urgent call to save journalism, take on tech titans - CWA Canada has joined with other media unions in a global campaign to save journalism from the ravages of greedy corporations and monopolistic bully tactics of tech titans Facebook and Google. Declaring that “journalism is essential for democracy,” the unions and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) issued an urgent call for governments around the world to take “bigger, bolder steps” to protect jobs and support a news recovery plan. Unions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States, issued the statement in conjunction with the IFJ, which represents more than 600,000 journalists in 146 countries.   Journalism is a public good. Journalism is essential for democracy. In the midst of a global pandemic the need for quality, independent information is vital. And yet, across the world, journalists’ jobs are being axed, media are closing down and information is being censored, restricted or used simply as a commodity to be bought and sold by hedge funds, corporations and tech giants. Facebook — by blocking news and public information sites in Australia — stands exposed as caring more about its profits than citizens’ rights to access information. Corporations are closing down local papers to protect their bottom line [...]
Karen Booth The Edmonton Journal’s darkest day - Editor’s note: CWA Canada represents workers at nine Postmedia dailies, including The Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette in Montreal and the Kingston Whig-Standard (as well as at the CBC, The Canadian Press, Thomson Reuters and many other media companies). While the newsroom at the Edmonton Journal has never been unionized, many current and former members once worked there or with someone who did.This powerful essay by Karen Booth was posted on her Facebook page this morning. She has given her permission for it to be published here. Those people she references have also granted permission for their full names to be used.   KAREN BOOTH How fitting that the fifth anniversary of Black Tuesday, as it’s known in Canadian journalism circles, actually falls on a Tuesday. Much in my life has changed since then, virtually all of it for the better. But leaving it at that — jumping from beginning to end of this particular chapter of my life — doesn’t do justice to that grey and often ugly territory, the muddled middle. It glosses over the sadness, anger, fear, denial, soul-searching, and eventual gratitude and acceptance. In short, the stages of grief. After watching a steady stream of talented colleagues [...]

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