CWA Canada Diversity Statement:

Your experiences are important to us

We believe our community is enriched by a diverse membership made up of people of various races, ethnicities and national origins, gender and gender identities, sexuality, classes and religions.

We believe in the importance of supporting our members and neighbours with disabilities that might include vision, hearing, physical or mental health conditions.

We believe all members should be free of harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and workplace or home violence.

We imagine a space in which populations that have been historically excluded are equally represented within our membership and the wider community.

We fight for members of traditionally marginalized groups to have a strong presence in our community, amplifying their voices and allowing them to tell their own stories.

We celebrate and thrive on diversity and will fight for inclusivity in all its forms.

If you encounter harassment, sexual misconduct or discrimination, please contact your union representative and Human Resources department.



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