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Kelly Shiers

Striking Chronicle Herald reporter Kelly Shiers talks with colleagues Roger Taylor and Elissa Barnard on the picket line in front of the Herald offices on Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax on March 7. (TIM KROCHAK / Local Xpress)

Hard Times

On strike 13 months, a daughter follows in her dad’s footsteps

It was 1957 when 400 union members, my dad among them, walked off the job at the gypsum quarry just outside Windsor. Six decades later, I've learned what it was like to be in his shoes as I walk the picket line at the Chronicle Herald.

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HTU boycott poster

The newsroom unit of the Halifax Typographical Union (CWA Canada Local 30130) has been on a defensive strike since Jan. 23, 2016. They would appreciate your support — moral or financial.

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