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2018.12.04 | More fuel for investigation into Torstar, Postmedia newspaper swap
(The Tyee)

2018.12.02 | Nonprofit news: Lessons from south of the border (The Conversation)

2018.11.30 | Canadian politicians aren’t fazed by Supreme Court ruling against VICE reporter (VICE News)

2018.11.30 | ‘Dark day’ for Canadian journalism industry after Vice ruling (J-Source)

2018.11.30 | Supreme Court decision on Vice Media a major ‘setback’ for investigative reporting in Canada: experts (Global News)

2018.11.29 | 14-year-old criminal law for workplace fatalities rarely being enforced (Global News)

2018.11.28 | Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey was paid $5 million in 2018, but says his company is so broke it needs public subsidies (Halifax Examiner)

2018.11.27 | Digital Democracy Project to examine online disinformation (J-Source)

2018.11.23 | My small-town newspaper died a year ago. The community has been grieving ever since (The Globe and Mail)

2018.11.23 | Andrew Coyne: Liberals’ $600M aid package for news media will irrevocably politicize the press (National Post)

2018.11.22 | Here’s what the journalism industry has to say about Morneau’s $600-million bailout (J-Source)

2018.11.14 | Federal review of broadcasting and communications faces stiff headwinds (

2018.11.14 | Journalists in Cambodia — persecution and hell (Reporters Without Borders)

2018.11.11 | Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says (CBC News)

2018.11.09 | Hong Kong effectively blacklists senior British journalist (The Guardian)

2018.11.01 | The news is bad in Hungary (The New York Times)

2018.10.26 | Federal Conservative Party and Leader Scheer increase criticism of media and reporters (The Globe and Mail)

2018.10.25 | Postmedia continues its downward spiral (National Observer)

2018.10.22 | CBC staff push back as broadcaster opts not to air live coverage of Ontario’s municipal elections (The Globe and Mail)

2018.10.22 | News media leader hails journalists’ acquittal of police obstruction (The London Free Press)

2018.10.19 | We cannot continue to ignore the Toronto Sun’s toxic output (

2018.09.28 | Politico Pro tests Canadian market with new newsletter offering (

2018.07.11 | Postmedia reports $15.5 million loss as quarterly revenue slips (Toronto Star / CP)

2018.06.26 | Postmedia to close more local newspapers, cut staff by 10 per cent (Toronto Star / CP)


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