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World Press Freedom Day message from CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon - We mark another World Press Freedom Day amid a continuing pandemic, but with the hope that the worst is over and things will soon improve. We mourn the media workers who have lost their lives due to COVID-19 and pay tribute to the thousands of others who continue to provide vital news and information, often risking their own health to do so. The pandemic has shown the importance of journalism and how critical it is that people get reliable news about what’s really happening and what we should be doing. Disturbingly, the crisis has exacerbated an already troubling situation, with freedom of expression under serious threat from governments around the globe. It is vital that journalists and trusted news sources are protected and supported. CWA Canada has been speaking out and fighting back daily in defence of press freedom, on social media, and by pressuring governments directly and through our work with the International Federation of Journalists and other groups. On a positive note, at the Global Conference for Media Freedom last fall, government ministers called for new measures to protect media workers, and urged “targeted sanctions” against those who repress journalists and restrict media freedom. CWA Canada was one [...]
Coalition seeks to bolster press freedom, protect media workers -   The recent Global Conference for Media Freedom resulted in a call for new measures to protect media workers, but CWA Canada says it’s going to take a lot of pressure to make sure that actually happens. A ministerial communique issued by the Media Freedom Coalition, formed at the first conference in 2019, called on its 40 member states to consider a host of measures, chief among them “providing safe refuge for journalists at risk who have been targeted for their work.” The ministers also urged the governments to consider “adopting and applying targeted sanctions against known perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses in response to the repression of journalists and restrictions on media freedom.” CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon, who attended the six-hour virtual conference co-hosted by Canada and Botswana on Nov. 16, said he was pleased with the call for sanctions, but cautioned that words are “toothless” and there needs to be action. “In our submission to last year’s inaugural conference in London, we were one of the first organizations to urge sanctions against those who suppress press freedom, and we’re glad to see that this year’s communique supports that,” O’Hanlon said. “But calling for a sanctions [...]
Labour Day message from CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon - Dear fellow CWA Canada members, For the first time in memory, we will not be marching this Labour Day. But we will not be silent. As we mourn our fellow media workers and the many others who have lost their lives due to the pandemic, we will pay tribute to those who continue to provide vital news and information, often risking their own health to do so. We will shout to defend quality jobs, quality journalism, a vibrant free press, a strong, independent labour movement and to demand racial, economic and social equality. Unfortunately, many regimes around the world are using the pandemic as yet another excuse to crack down on press freedom, labour unions, and democracy. And the struggle for equality continues, reinvigorated by the Black Lives Matter movement. This Labour Day, we vow to keep up the fight against injustice of all kinds: We will publicly call out governments and bad actors to embarrass them into behaving better. We will use social media to educate and rally the public by sharing information about fake news, disinformation, and hate, while promoting trusted, reliable news sources. We will support Black Lives Matter and other movements fighting for equality. We will [...]
Danish journalist Kristian Lindhardt Media union says Canada denying entry to Danish journalist ‘troubling, unacceptable’ - CWA Canada is calling a decision by border officials to deny entry to a Danish journalist “troubling” and “unacceptable” and wants Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to look into the matter. Kristian Lindhardt, who has been working for the Danish public broadcaster DR on a documentary about Indigenous resistance to the Trans Mountain pipeline project in B.C., arrived at the Vancouver airport on Friday with his press credentials and a 14-day quarantine plan. After a day of questioning, The Tyee reported, border officials forced him to return to Copenhagen, ostensibly because of concerns about the coronavirus. “Journalism is of vital importance, particularly in times of crisis, and using COVID as an excuse to block a journalist is simply unacceptable,” CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon said. “It is especially troubling because COVID is being used by many regimes as yet another way to crack down on press freedom, and Canada should be setting a positive example for the world.” “The Canada Border Security Agency has not provided a valid reason why Mr. Lindhardt has been denied entry and so it appears like he is being targeted because of his journalistic work. I urge the CBSA to reverse this decision, and I [...]
CAJ: Alberta Press Gallery has a duty and a right to determine access - TORONTO, Aug. 18, 2020 /CNW/ — This past Sunday, the national board of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) gathered for a regular meeting. One of our main agenda items was to discuss the recent news of the Alberta Legislative Press Gallery’s refusal to issue memberships to employees of Rebel News. Late last week, Postmedia announced its extraordinary decision to pull its newspapers from the press gallery. While the CAJ respects their prerogative to operate their newsrooms as they see fit, we are concerned this decision could place its journalists in a difficult position to adequately serve the public. Press galleries are independent self-regulatory bodies that have long been part of Canadian legislatures. They are recognized by the speaker to oversee the press accreditation process and other rules for legislative journalists. Press galleries have a right and responsibility to admit as members only those who meet their standards and definitions for journalism, so long as the process is transparent and fair. In 2016, the Alberta government requested a review in the wake of the controversial decision by the then NDP-led government to block access to the legislature to members of Rebel News. Heather Boyd, a former Western Canadian bureau chief [...]

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18.12.16 The St. Catherines Standard – NPCA CAO claims reporter asking questions is ‘bullying’
18.12.14 Reporters Without Borders – RSF’s 2018 round-up of deadly attacks and abuses against journalists — figures up in all categories
18.12.13 National Observer – Press council comes down on Toronto Sun for ‘serious breach’ after false report about goats
18.12.13 Poynter – Egypt is jailing more journalists on ‘false news’ charges than anywhere else in the world
18.12.06 J-Source – When not to publish graphic images
18.12.03 The Signal – Canada finally has a source protection law — is it enough?
18.11.30 VICE News – Canadian politicians aren’t fazed by Supreme Court ruling against VICE reporter
18.11.30 J-Source – ‘Dark day’ for Canadian journalism industry after Vice ruling
18.11.30 Global News – Supreme Court decision on Vice Media a major ‘setback’ for investigative reporting in Canada: experts
18.11.14 Reporters Without Borders – Journalists in Cambodia — persecution and hell
18.11.11 CBC News – Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says
18.11.09 The Guardian – Hong Kong effectively blacklists senior British journalist
18.11.05 Reporters Without Borders – US-RSF joins The Washington Post’s Press Freedom Partnership
18.11.01 The New York Times – The news is bad in Hungary
18.10.26 The Globe and Mail – Federal Conservative Party and Leader Scheer increase criticism of media and reporters
18.10.22 The London Free Press – News media leader hails journalists’ acquittal of police obstruction
18.10.19 J-Source – We cannot continue to ignore the Toronto Sun’s toxic output

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