Members at APTN ratify new contract

2019.04.24 | CWA Canada Local 30213 - Canadian Media Guild

Unionized workers at the APTN broadcasting centre in Winnipeg have ratified a new collective agreement. (Jesse Andrushko photo)

Workers at the Aboriginal People’s Television Network have voted 98 per cent in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement.

The three-year deal, which comes into effect tomorrow, sees significant improvements to the existing pay grid and in working conditions for 72 members of the Canadian Media Guild, CWA Canada’s largest Local.

In most cases, pay scales will now start at a higher level and salary steps will rise over two years. Pay rates will increase 3.5 per cent on the anniversary of the APTN hire date as well as on that date the following year.

The agreement also provides additional market-rate wage adjustments for video journalists, reporter / correspondents, investigative journalists and graphic artists.

There will also be across-the-board annual increases of 1.25, 1.0 and 0.75 per cent.

APTN, which has more than 160 employees (including part-time and casual), also agreed to have workplace problems dealt with through a union-management joint committee, with the aim of resolving issues as they develop.

Online voting took place from April 17 to 23 following an information meeting at a Winnipeg hotel, that members could attend or call in to participate. Of the 40 CMG members who cast ballots, only one voted against the deal.

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