Winners of memorial scholarships announced


Delegates to NRC meeting Scholarship winners were announced at the CWA Canada National Representative Council meeting in Toronto April 22-23. It was their first in-person session since 2019 due to COVID-19. The NRC meets annually and brings together delegates from 18 Locals, who set policy, discuss issues important to media workers, and participate in educational and training seminars. This year, a key area of discussion was how workload and stress is now a major mental health issue for journalists, causing many to leave the industry.

The winners of this year’s $1,000 John Belcarz & Dan Zeidler Memorial Scholarships, along with an Honorable Mention, were announced at the CWA Canada National Representative Council annual meeting in Toronto, the first in-person gathering since 2019.

Riana Feliciano, whose essay was titled What Social Justice Means And How We Can Achieve It, is registered in the BSc Nursing – Scholar Practitioner Program at Nipissing University. She is the spouse of Max Coleman. A member of CWA Canada Local 30213 – the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), he is a TV control room news director at CBC Toronto.

The other winner is Zach Trynacity-Popowich for his essay on why the labour movement is important to Canadians today, who will be attending Athabasca University. He is the son of Kim Trynacity, president of the CBC/Radio-Canada branch of the CMG, who is on leave as a veteran political reporter for the public broadcaster.

An Honorable Mention goes to Nicholas Brugnano, who wrote about social justice. He will be studying software development at Mohawk College. His father is CMG member Cataldo Brugnano, who works at CBC Toronto as the digital presentation co-ordinator.

(Editor’s note: Entries for the scholarship competition are numbered by CWA Canada office staff and sent to the selection committee for “blind” judging. It’s only after winners have been declared by the judges that an entrant’s identity is revealed.)

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