CWA Canada condemns attacks on media workers covering unrest in U.S.


More than 100 media workers covering U.S. protests have been arrested and assaulted by law enforcement.

Statement by CWA Canada President Martin O’Hanlon:

We have been watching with increasing concern, and shock, as many of our media colleagues in the United States have come under attack from police in recent days simply for doing their jobs.

More than 110 journalists have been arrested and assaulted by law enforcement while covering the unrest across the country, according to Harvard’s Nieman Lab.

We have seen our colleagues, including fellow CWA and CWA Canada members, tear gassed, hit by rubber or pepper bullets, intimidated, and handcuffed. A CBC crew was targeted in Minneapolis on Saturday as police fired tear gas and projectiles, hitting a reporter in the shoulder.

The press is a pillar of democracy and in times of trouble it is more important than ever that media workers be able to do their jobs reporting the news and chronicling history.

We at CWA Canada stand in solidarity with our colleagues and call on American authorities to do their duty to defend freedom of the press, and protect and support media workers.

As journalism goes, so goes democracy.

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