Smyth regains helm of CMG in national election

2019.12.10 | CWA Canada Local 30213 - Canadian Media Guild

CMG election winners Khaleel Mohammed, left, Carmel Smyth and Brent Cousland all won election to the national executive of the Canadian Media Guild.

Carmel Smyth has regained the helm of the Canadian Media Guild after defeating sitting president Kamala Rao in a national election.

Smyth, who served two terms as president from 2010 to 2016 and is currently vice-president of the CBC Branch, garnered 658 votes versus 428 for Rao.

Voting at CMG — with about 5,000 members it’s CWA Canada’s largest Local (30213) — took place Dec. 5 to 9. The vote was union-wide for national positions while branch executives are elected by their own members. The automated online voting system was run by an independent third party.

The election featured contests for three positions on the national executive and four on that of the CBC/Radio-Canada Branch.

The national vice-president’s position was secured by Brent Cousland, who defeated Andrea Sellinger 538 to 478. Khaleel Mohammed (682) overcame Jérôme Atangana (299) for director of equity & human rights. Elected by acclamation were Matt Guerin, secretary-treasurer, and Nathalie Bastien, director of Francophone issues.

Also in contention at the CBC Branch were four positions: Kim Trynacity defeated incumbent president Jonathan Spence 568-431; Bob Sharpe (533) won vice-president over Jordanna Lake (383); Lorne Shapiro defeated David Horemans 501-331 for secretary-treasurer; and Pauline Pemik overcame Matthew Martin 44-23 for director, North.

Many of the union’s 10 branches saw executive positions filled by acclamation, while two — CKOF and Freelance (CBC only) — had no candidates, despite the nomination period being extended from Nov. 8 to 20.

Other workplaces represented by CMG include APTN, The Canadian Press / Pagemasters, TFO, TVO, Thomson Reuters, VICE, and ZoomerMedia.

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