CWA Canada media union statement on International Women’s Day 2018


On this day, we commemorate more than 100 years of struggle for women’s rights and pledge to keep up the fight for equality, starting with two new initiatives.

It’s hard to believe that, in the 21st Century, women still face harassment, violence, cultural oppression and economic inequity. However, there is good reason for hope. Progress continues, more and more companies and organizations are recognizing the need for action, and recent movements like #MeToo are having a huge impact.

The labour movement has always been a leader in supporting women’s rights and CWA Canada remains solidly committed to doing everything possible to ensure that our sisters gain full equality and respect in all aspects of society.

Toward this effort, we are proud to be a signatory of today’s Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct, which “confirms our commitment to safe and respectful workplaces and to an industry free of harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence.”

We are also proud to be full partners with the Canadian Labour Congress in a new campaign launched today called #donewaiting. The campaign outlines how the federal government can remove three key barriers to women’s economic justice: wage discrimination, sexual harassment and violence, and the child-care crisis.

Please make a stand this day – and every day – to do all you can to promote real equality for women.

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