New CMG leader has 2017 roadmap in place

2017.01.16 | CWA Canada Local 30213 - Canadian Media Guild

Kamala Rao had her New Year’s resolutions set for her in December when she won the election to lead the Canadian Media Guild.

Rao, who defeated sitting president Carmel Smyth in a close vote, officially started her three-year term on Jan. 1. She said she would be using her campaign platform to map out what’s ahead for CWA Canada’s largest Local, with about 5,000 members.

With the experience of serving as a Director on the CMG’s National Executive Committee and as co-ordinator of the Champion Public Broadcasting campaign during the 2015 federal election, she went into the contest promising to advocate for a more open and collaborative, member-driven union.

“Our principal aim as a union should always be to improve working conditions and working life for members at all branches of CMG.”

Since first joining the CBC in 1992, Rao has worked in both television and radio, performing a variety of jobs ranging from videographer to chase producer at CBC News Network and on the main networks.

Planks in her campaign platform included seeking term limits for full-time paid elected positions; restoring the Atlantic Canada staff representative position; offering education and training for CMG members doing union work; co-ordinating advocacy with community-based supporters; simplifying the union’s structure and examining the relationship with CWA Canada.

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