Associate members back demand for free public education

CWA Canada Associate Members are backing the Canadian Federation of Students’ demand for free access to education in a National Day of Action on Nov. 2.

In a letter of support to the CFS, the associate members — who number nearly 700 students and precarious media workers — say they support education without barriers.

“We’ve seen that, across Canada, journalists and other media workers now require one, if not two, post-secondary degrees to find entry-level work in this sector. As tuition costs continue to increase … it seems as though a career in journalism is becoming increasingly inaccessible to people from marginalized backgrounds. At its core, tuition prevents students who can’t afford to pay from going to school and acts as a barrier to education.”

The CFS has organized dozens of events at educational institutions across the country on Wednesday, which associate members are urged to attend.

A host of labour unions, social justice organizations and civil society groups are standing in solidarity with the federation as it mobilizes students to fight for universal access to higher education and skills training.

“We understand that students enrol in post-secondary education to find jobs, to better themselves and to make a difference in their communities. We believe that an equitable and fair society would honor this effort without requiring students to amass debt in the process,” say the media union’s associate members.

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