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Halifax Typographical Union went on strike Jan. 23, 2016.

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‘Struggling’ Herald on buying spree with strike in 15th month - HALIFAX – The owners of The Chronicle Herald have struck a deal to expand what they have long described as a business that was struggling to stay alive. Transcontinental Inc. has agreed to sell its publication assets across Atlantic Canada to SaltWire Network, a group that publishes The Chronicle Herald. Herald president Mark Lever is also president of Saltwire. The announcement is in stark contrast to the concessions and regressive demands that the Herald has insisted upon from its striking newsroom staff over the past 16 months. “We were told that the Herald’s demise was imminent if it didn’t immediately cut wages and other benefits to newsroom staff,” said Ingrid Bulmer, president of the Halifax Typographical Union. “Apparently, that was a total fabrication. The company is not struggling but is instead planning to expand.” The 54 reporters, photographers, editors and support staff  have agreed to concessions in wages, changes to the pension plan and a shift in the work that the union performs. “It was never enough for the Herald for reasons that have become clearer today,” Bulmer said. “They never did intend to bargain fairly with us and now it has become apparent that they were instead working on [...]
Local Xpress story about Atlantic Journalism Awards nominations Striking Halifax journalists’ awards nominations double Herald’s - Local Xpress, the news site run by striking Chronicle Herald staff, has been nominated for six Atlantic Journalism Awards — twice as many as Nova Scotia’s “paper of record” that’s being produced by scabs. It must have been a blow for Mark Lever, CEO of the Halifax Herald, who promised readers last June that, despite the then five-month-old strike, the paper would be deepening its coverage of issues and adding “national award-winning journalists to our team.” (Two of the Herald’s three nominations are for editorial cartooning by Bruce MacKinnon and Michael de Adder, both of whom are contractors.) Five of the six Local Xpress nominations are for photography, which is ironic considering that the Herald plans to get rid of all of its photojournalists when the labour dispute is over. Xpress photo editor, Ryan Taplin, himself a nominee in the spot news category for his shot of a brawl outside a Halifax courtroom, said he’s happy for everyone associated with the news site. “I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to do under the circumstances that we find ourselves in. It’s been really tough for everyone involved. It does feel really good to get recognized for the work that [...]
Steve MacInnis makes donation Struck Herald’s shared delivery deal rankles pro-union islanders - A shared delivery deal between the owners of the Cape Breton Post and The Chronicle Herald has put members of two CWA Canada Locals in an uncomfortable position and riled pro-union islanders. The arrangement came into effect last week, just as the editorial unit of the Halifax Typographical Union (Local 30130) was marking 14 months on strike. The Sydney Typographical Union (Local 30460) represents 50 Post employees who work in the newsroom, advertising, the pressroom, customer service and as delivery drivers. “We’re not happy that the Cape Breton Post owners — Transcontinental Media — decided to deliver a scab-produced newspaper,” striking Herald reporter Tom Ayers told CBC. He was picketing outside the Post building in Sydney, where the Herald also has offices and a news bureau. “We’re not upset with the union. They have no choice. … we’re just trying to raise awareness,” Ayers told CBC reporter Holly Conners (who is also represented by a CWA Canada Local, the Canadian Media Guild). On Twitter, Ayers characterized the Post’s delivery of the struck Herald as an “attack on (its) unionized staff.” Steve MacInnis, president of the STU, said in a statement posted to the Local’s Facebook page, that they had no [...]
Kelly Shiers ‘Hard times’: On strike 13 months, a daughter follows in her dad’s footsteps - It was 1957 when 400 union members, my dad among them, walked off the job at the gypsum quarry just outside Windsor. Six decades later, I've learned what it was like to be in his shoes as I walk the picket line at The Chronicle Herald.
Union asks for inquiry into 13-month Halifax strike - NEWS RELEASE HALIFAX – It’s time for the provincial government to step in and do something about the 13-month strike by 55 newsroom employees at The Chronicle Herald, says the Halifax Typographical Union (HTU). The HTU has asked Nova Scotia Labour Minister Kelly Regan to appoint an Industrial Inquiry Commission to penetrate the root causes of the prolonged dispute and help the newsroom reporters, editors, photographers and support staff get back to work, while maintaining the Herald as a profitable entity and returning it to the place of prominence that it had earned in the province over these many years. “This strike has been going on far too long and it is not helping The Chronicle Herald, its brand and its once unbreakable bond with Nova Scotia readers,” said Ingrid Bulmer, HTU president. “And the strike is definitely not helping our members who, for more than a year, have been unable to contribute adequately to the struggling economy of the province while keeping a well-established readership informed.” The HTU has offered the following concessions to the company: Substantially reduced severance for laid-off employees; Jurisdiction change to allow page production to be done outside the bargaining unit; Wage cuts that equal [...]

Halifax Strike news archive (2017)

Halifax Strike news archive (2016)

Offsite Insight

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16.05.18 CBC News – Striking Chronicle Herald workers joined by unionists on Sydney picket line
16.04.15 The Walrus – Strike Out | Labour disputes and shoddy reporting — is this the end of the Halifax Chronicle Herald?
16.03.02 CBC News – Chronicle Herald strikers joined by Nova Scotia labour unions for rally
16.02.12 Halifax Examiner – Interview with striking Chronicle Herald reporter Michael Gorman

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Visit the Halifax Typographical Union’s website and Facebook page for regular updates, boycott lists and scab reports.

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CWA Canada’s Locals are gathering donations and messages of support for their fellow members who are on strike against the Herald. The Thomson Reuters branch of the Canadian Media Guild set up a donation box in their Toronto office.

Donations can be sent to:
Halifax Typographical Union, P.O. Box 8064, 6175 Almon St., Halifax NS, B3K 5N2

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